The 9 House Sigils in Amazing Black and White Style art prints by NikaQ

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Which cast member have you enjoyed working with the most and who do you feel has brought the best out of you as an actress? I’m extremely fortunate in that all the actors that I work with or have worked with, I’ve loved working with every single one of them. I love them as people and as their characters. I think it would be unfair of me to specify one in particular but possibly Richard, who plays Robb, because we have so much to do together and I love those scenes. - Michelle Fairley


just saw a guy wearing a nirvana t-shirt lmfao i bet cant even name three noble truths of buddhism

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Hands - Mojo Wang

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bold what you prefer


stark or lannister or targaryen or greyjoy

dorne or king’s landing or winterfell

direwolves or dragons

oberyn or doran

sansa or margaery or daenerys

the night’s watch or the kingsguard

westeros or beyond the wall

book one or two or three or four or five

the hound or the mountain that rides

the red wedding or the purple wedding

robb or joffrey or stannis or renly

queen or khaleesi

tyrion or jaime or cersei

tyrell or martell

the books or the tv show

Perhaps magic was once a mighty force in the world, but no longer. What little remains is no more than the wisp of smoke that lingers in the air after a great fire has burned out, and even that is fading. Valyria was the last ember, and Valyria is gone.”

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opening the fridge like


«Allora non v’importa più di nulla?»
«M’importa tanto, che ho la nausea di tutto.»

Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury (via nonsorridermipiutiprego)

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